Friday, September 17, 2010

As the mtb wheels turn...

Having a blast training the way I feel. It's amazing to see how much unstructured training and working out just for fitness makes you feel. I'm not saying that I don't enjoy a structured program-9 times out of ten I'm sure that I'd rather be "told" what to do by a piece of paper or a computor program-but for right now and where my head is at, I can't say I'd rather be doing anything other than waking up, deciding what bike to ride, and riding it for as long or as short as I feel.

Yesterday I ripped up the local trails on the mtb and got even got in a few road miles with Anne afterward. I'm really, really, improving my mtb'ing by leaps and bounds. I bought and am reading Ned Overend's book "Mountain Bike Like a Champion" and it's amazing how much it's helped my skill level. I believe my good result in XTERRA Schiff Scout was a result of my fitness, but if I'd really like to take this whole off-road thing seriously I'd better get my skills up. It's so much fun going out and working on a new skill every time I ride. You can definately fake bike skills on the road, but usually it will end up costing you some skin on the trails. Either that or you're gonna be riding like a granny and havin people pass you left and right:).

With the loads of cycling I've been doing I've also managed a run this week and a few swims. I've been weary of running as I want to let my foot and the other little niggles I've developed over the summer completely heal, but after about 30 minutes on the trail a couple days ago all seems fine. I'm not going to push it so 30-45 minute runs are all that I'll see for now, not to mention they'll all be done strictly off road until further notice. The last thing I want to do is wind up delaying the healing process while I'm out having fun.

Otherwise things are just moving along. Work is finally getting back to normal so the cash should hopefully start rolling in again. August was an incredibly tough month and I barely made it out alive. The only thing I'm not looking forward to is Anne going back to the UK, but I'm planning on traveling right behind her by a week or so, so that should soften the blow a bit.

Time to nap! Haven't done that in a while!

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