Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I would say that I couldn't remember the last time I've been this busy, but that would be a lie.  It was yesterday.  And the day before.  And the day before that.  The past week has been one of the busiest in recent memory.  I've ridden my bike less and less over the days, spent more time up and around, and have found myself more tired from not sleeping than from exercise.  Not good.

The sole reason for all this, in my opinion, is a lack of organization and thought.  Lack of organization from the aspect of time management, and a lack of thought stemming from, surprise, surprise, NOT THINKING!  Not many things frustrate me more than lack of a good plan and lack of figuring something out from all angles.  It's important in life to disregard emotion at times, dealing straight with what's in front of you and letting the "feelings" stay off to the side for the time being.  Too much emotion takes away the effectiveness and efficiency of a plan.  You begin to act with your heart and not with your head, ending in, most times, a downward spiral and a failure to achieve what you set out to do from the beginning.  I believe this is true not only in athletics, but in life as a whole.

Many times I've faced this frustration this week, leading me to react, albeit not in the way I might have if I had not been so frustrated.  I suppose I let emotion dictate my reaction-something that I just finished saying I needed to take out of the equation in order to succeed.

This is all likely coming out as diarrhea of the keyboard, so I won't go much further into it.  I'm not exactly willing to let out all the details here, but it still helps to get things out on the screen.

Anyway, like I said, riding has been at a sincere minimum this week (possibly why I'm so frustrated in the first place).  I haven't been able to get out to any of my favorite spots, and I fear the summer is passing away quickly and the potential of good days and subsequent good rides is fast passing me by.  After not being able to ride what I wanted when I wanted for about 4 months, this extra lack of "fun" is really tearing me down.  I'm out of shape, with rusty skills, and an increasingly dusty bike.  When is this gonna end!!!???

On the positive side of things, work seems to be picking up and nearly all of the clients I left when I was away have returned.  You can't put a price on loyalty.  Just now I've got to make things happen more and more, allowing me the chance to get on the bike more and enjoy life a bit more than I have in the past week.  The time will come...

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