Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day before XTERRA and Book Review

Woke up this morning feeling rough. Anne and I went out on the town last night (stayed out until the unGodly hour of 10pm!!!) and had some drinks. I'm a super lightweight even though I do partake in a beer almost every night. Got up this morning after having two glasses of wine and a beer feeling like I was back in college. Funny how things change...

Anyway, today is the day before my first XTERRA and to say that I'm pumped is an understatement. I'm only disappointed that I didn't get in to doing these races earlier this year as I would have almost certainly have made XTERRA my focus for the season. The "adventure" aspect of the races really speak to me, as well as my fondness for mountainbiking. While I'm more than a little burned out with racing on the road, XTERRA has given me a new motivation and perhaps a focus for something that I'll be quite good at. Post-race tomorrow I may have an entirely different opinion, but it's pretty unlikely.

On the subject of books, Anne bought me the new BikeSnobNYC book. I believe it's been out for about 3 or 4 months now, but I just found out about it while we were staying with friends last weekend for Timberman. If you have the chance, don't only pick up the book, but give his blog a read as well. For anyone that enjoys cycling and cycling culture it's a must read. I've only started it, but I have yet to put it down. It's only around $11 or so on amazon so give it a shot! More than worth it! (

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