Monday, October 1, 2012


Ok, 3 big statements and then I'm out for the time being. (Until tonight when I elaborate on all three!)

1. I'm in love with running again.
2. I'm changing my diet RADICALLY (and that includes possibly going vegan)
3. I'm engaged!  (This is by far and away the best of the three, and the reason I left the best for last!)

That is all for now.


  1. Any reason why you might go vegan? I just finished watching forks over knives and its definitely making me want to go on a plant based diet annddd of course...CONGRATULATIONS! When did you propose?

  2. Hey thanks! Proposed in early September. The potential switch to vegan has everything to do with being healthy. Being plant based has a lot better track record as far as heart disease and certain cancers are concerned, and I have a family history of both. I'm not thinking about the switch for moral reasons or because I don't think animals should be killed. I've always wanted to go bow hunting for deer and I still plan to-AND of course, eat the meat!
    For me it's more about being healthy and optimizing my body's potential. I've been eating poorly for the last 2 years and I'd like to make a change. Vegan may or may not be the answer, but at the very least it might serve as a kickstart. Eventually I would add fish back into my diet, but dairy and meat may be lost forever (except in circumstances like I mentioned above).
    At the end of the day you've got to do what works for you and your body, and if vegan or vegetarian, or meat eating or whatever is it, then you gotta go with it. It'll be an interesting journey for sure.
    Thanks again! And do we know each other outside of the interwebs? :)