Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Sorry goes out to all two of my blog readers! It's not that there's been nothing happening, it's just that there's been TOO MUCH going on to actually concentrate on updating what I'm doing from day to day.  This bums me out a bit because I haven't been taking the time to exercise my brain-muscles and write as much as I'd like to-but it'll get better...at least I hope!

I've really been killing things with work.  It's a funny thing, but when you get motivated and put your mind into something you enjoy and have a passion for, success is just a happy bi-product.  I love what I do and I love learning more and expanding my repertoire.  I've made the decision (as suggested in a very interesting blog I read on the RCK-Russian Kettlebell Challenge-website) to concentrate my personal training efforts on one specific form of exercise.  Due to my sports background and love of "skills" training, I've migrated to bodyweight training and "unconventional" methods and tools to get people fit in a "real world" sort of way.  Functional training is a term that's thrown out way too much in the fitness industry (one of those ever-happy BUZZ words people like to use but don't know the true meaning behind).  It's my belief that for true functional training, and training that will help you when the zombie apocalypse kicks off, unconventional methods such as sandbag, kettlebell, steel club, and sledgehammer training (in addition to a host of other "primal" things) will help you much more than any dumbbell, barbell, or fancy machine you'll find in your local health club.  Yeah, this isn't for everyone and I don't want it to be.  I'd much rather spend my time truly improving the quality of people's lives rather than helping them just to look good in a bikini by doing exercises that have little to no real world value.

The happy bi-product of all this wacky training-swining clubs, kettlebells, sandbags, etc-is that you not only get a great workout, but you get fit in a useful way.  And, of course, you WILL wind up getting an attractive and desired physique, based on the fact that you're using your body as it's MEANT to be used!  Pretty easy and simple to understand really.

So, as not to continue on my "Personal Training Manifesto", other than working and developing a new angle on my personal business, I've been changing my lifestyle as well.  With more work comes a bit less time to ride my bike.  I still have the desire to rock up to some races this season, so training time has to be utilized as effective as possible.  For me right now it's all about quality, not quantity.  I'm not actually getting out on the bike as much as I'd like, so using my sandbags, kettlebells, and other tools, I'm attempting to mimic the skills I'll need for riding and racing the specific races I'll be choosing.  There's absolutely no substitute for true trail riding, but some amount of fitness can be gained off the bike, and that's what I'm banking on.  Between the weather and my time constraints, I'm really only getting on the bike for a handful of hours a week.  I can usually fit in a good gym workout on most days, so combining those two facets of training must be spot on.  I'm not experiencing much of a decline in skills or fitness, so I believe I'm doing the job right.

That's really about it. Looking back at what I just wrote, it's a bit of a shock to believe I couldn't have updated this blog in over a month!  Didn't take much time and pretty much gave a decent summary of what I've been up to in less than 10 minutes!  Pure laziness!!!  Anyway, hopefully I'll get a bit more of a chance (and not be so lazy) to update thing a bit more. This blog has never been about people actually reading, but rather an outlet for me to get what's on my mind out into the universe.  Best to all!!!

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