Monday, January 27, 2014

Time to move the ball

Time to get the ball rolling.

Been a bit of a down time here in terms of writing on the blog I'm afraid, but for that we've got tons of fun stuff happening!  First and foremost is our move to Charlottesville, Va. coming up in March.  Both Anne and I have been offered jobs at Blue Ridge Cyclery and accepted.  We'll both be working in the shop as full time employees, and happy to know that we'll have full medical insurance too!  Finally we won't have to worry about getting patched up after crashing our bikes!!!  :)

Also going on, before we more down to Virginia is a trip over to the UK to see family, combined with a mini training camp/friend visit to Southern Spain.  It'll be great to get over to the UK to see family (of which Anne hasn't had a chance to see in nearly a year!) and it will of course be AWESOME to get out and ride bikes in the sunshine of SPAIN!!! Getting a chance to get into the sun and warm temps on two wheels will be a welcomed thing, especially after all the snow and cold temps that have been thrust upon us here in New York these last few weeks.  I think at this point our only concern is going to be how much it's gonna hurt "earning" fitness there…those mountains are plenty bigger than anything we've ridden in a while!

In the mean time things are just moving along.  We're putting our heads down to work and get as much done before our trip and our move, so being efficient (Anne's strength!) is of great importance.  Training has been a bit hard lately with the snow, but for me personally, I'm enjoying a bit of running time and a break from pedaling.  It's always a good idea to challenge yourself in different ways, and running usually helps me keep off any additional weight I gain as a result of being a human garbage dump.  My feeling is not only does it keep the body fresh, but the mind as well.  Heading out for a run in sub freezing temps is often a lot easier than strapping the bike to the indoor trainer and pedaling nowhere for hours on end.

So that's the haps for now.  We'll try and keep the blog updated as and when time allows.  We've got a lot of exciting things planned for the coming months, so surely there will be some interesting content here in the near future.  For now, stay fit and get ready to hold on-it's gonna be a hell of a ride!

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