Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bike and Run yesterday, Run and Swim today...

The last couple of days have been great training days. Unfortunately I couldn't take any pictures of my mountainbike ride as it was pissing down rain most of the ride. Still it was awesome. I choose to ride the "tourist trails" yesterday which are comprised of mostly cross country ski trails. I managed to get lost a few times and found myself knee-deep in water on several occasions. Still it was a great ride until I mangled my chain on a rocky downhill. Not for nothing, but gears suck. Well, they don't suck, but when you're used to riding a singlespeed they seem to get in the way more than they help. Granted, I may have had to walk up some of the harder climbs, so gears were great to have, but because crap derailliur I have in the back I had to cut my ride short by about 25 mins yesterday. Needless to say, I'll be doing a bit of upgrading when I get home next week.

I've got to say that I really enjoy being on the trails more than I do on the roads. Maybe it's just because I've seen nothing but my tri bike since the winter, but being on the trails and tackling some rough and technical trails is so much more enjoyable than just pedaling nonstop on open roads. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, but I definitely see some off road tris in my future.

My runs here in Saranac Lake have been nothing short of magnificent. I'm dealing with some niggles in my foot recently, so I've had to be careful, but running around such a beautiful area has reawakened my running bug. I felt like a kid today, just running purely out of joy. Didn't bother with the GPS or heart monitor, just let my enjoyment dictate the pace. I imagine this is what running is suppossed to feel like:).

After the run I hoped in the lake for a quick 10 minute swim. I had planned to go much longer, but again a little niggle in my shoulder has caused me quite a bit of discomfort lately. It kept me up through much of the night aching badly, and its only made worse by swimming. Guess rest is the best thing right now, but I still couldn't resist getting in the water just for a little bit today.

Being up here really makes me not want to go home. I'd love nothing more than to just live simply in the mountains-no tv, no cell phone, and just my bikes and running shoes. Life seems so much simpler and more important up here. Hmm, maybe some day!:) Gotta start scouting out places soon... :)

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