Thursday, July 29, 2010

Slight change in plans...

So at the end of last season I decided it would be a good idea to tackle an Ironman. I was starting to like this triathlon thing and figured with one solid season of training and competing under my belt, I'd be ready to tackle the "big show" at the end of 2010. Well, I'm still planning on tackling the hell out of it, the only difference is that it won't be an M-dot race that'll be getting done.

After a change to Anne's schedule, and some sound financial thinking, I've decided that the Rev3 race at Cedar Point (iron distance) would be a better option. While I'll more then certainly loose my registration fee for IM Louisville, I'll save money on travel and perhaps even on accomodations. Also, it makes more sense for us to travel and race together rather than make a trip to Louisville and then to Wisconsin a little more than a week later, as were our previous plans. This way I'll be saving money as well as not having to miss all that much work. It's really a winning situation all the way around. Not to mention that the two Rev3 races I've done (both Quassay half's) have been run beautifully. They really care about the athletes (pros and age groupers alike), which is important given all of the hooplah that's been happening around the WTC lately....

And now the most exciting news...

Because of this shift in plans, the weekend of August 29th has been opened. It just so happens that there's an XTERRA race 20 mins from my house and I'll be able to do it! In the past year XTERRA tri's have intriguied me and I was dying to do one. It's a bit late in the season, but I'll be able to get a good taste of it and surely sign up for more in the future. I'll have to get back on the mountain bike in a serious way though since I've been riding my tri bike exclusively for the last couple months.

So that's about all the haps for now. Anne is recovering post IMLP and I'm more excited than ever for the XTERRA and Rev3 races. I might even through a local half in at the end of the season if I have any legs left after Rev3. After that it's time for 'cross, more mountainbiking, trail running, and drinking beer! Gonna be a good rest of the summer!


  1. Sounds like a great decision! It's all about the journey anyway. I've promised a friend of mine I'll get on my mountain bike after my last big race of the summer next week. I'm not sure, however, I'll ever be brave enough to do an Xterra:)!

  2. Wassdoc,
    The journey is definately where it's at! And that includes races. The whole thing is a journey and it excites me every time I train and race:).
    XTERRA is something I've been thinking about for a while now. I'm pretty strong on the mountain bike and tough technical runs are good for me as well. No matter what it will be a ton of fun.
    Definitely get out on the mountain bike! And from what my coach tells me (we'll see if he's right!), Xterra bike courese are genarally mild compared to proper mountain bike race courses. I'm sure each race is different, but we'll see!