Saturday, October 1, 2011

Couple of good rides

Coupla good rides the last couple days.  Both on the dirt and both nice and muddy.  I understand the appeal of 'cross racing, but it seems a little overblown when people talk about all the mud and rough conditions.  Seems like EVERYDAY on the mountain bike is a mixture of sand, mud, dirt, and whatever else is in the way.  Rocks, roots, and jumps make things so much fun.  Cross is awesome, but riding a mountain bike, to me anyway, kind of beats it.  Not to mention disc brakes and suspension allow you to do so many things a cross bike just can't do.  I love mountain bikes and I love cross racing, but if I had to choose between the two, the fat tires would win every time.

Anyway, enjoyed the last couple of days riding in the mud.  The weather seems to be looking like rain for the rest of the weekend, so the trails should be muddy and fun for the next couple days.  I'm considering riding the road bike with some friends tomorrow, but that would entail me waking up super early on the one day I get to sleep in a bit ('till 7am instead of 4:30am!).  Looks like it'll be a gametime decision.

On another note, I'm seriously considering this race for next year.  If I can get in it might be the only race I do next year:) Check out this vid:

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