Monday, February 4, 2013

Make-up Monday

So for whatever lack of motivation I had yesterday, I was all in for some good exercise today.  The day started bright and early for me with a 4am wake up and a 5am first appointment.  Having been the day after the Super Bowl you can guess I didn't get much sleep.  Three and a half hours to be exact.  Still slugged some coffee and got the day underway.

Originally, I had planned on doing another road session today, but because of time slipping away from me (thankfully from being busy with WORK, hence "making money"), I opted for a last minute, race the sun mountain bike ride.  As I've explained in the last few posts, I've been trying hard to get out on the trails, but with weather and trail conditions not working in my favor, I haven't been able to make much of my fat-tired best friend.  So, with that in mind, I jumped at the chance to get in the dirt this afternoon-and almost forgot how stoked I am to be riding my mountain bike!  I've been so 'stuck' in training mode for the last couple weeks (really since getting my new road bike) that I nearly forgot how rad riding my mountain bike is.

I'm not going to go back on what I said about riding on the road, and how great it is to have rediscovered it, but I will say that riding a mountain bike-particularly a 6 inch travel bike-allows you to be creative like no other bike.  Yeah, you could rock up on a 200mm downhill bike and be creative going down hill, but it's not going to allow you the versatility of climbing rather efficiently, hoping up step-ups, skidding over wed roots, and generally getting to the top almost as good as a straight up XC bike.  I've missed this creative side of riding, and I'm so excited to have it back, if only for a day in between "getting fit" again for race season.

And that's about all she wrote for today.  I'm tired, I'm spent, and I'm ready for bed.  I've got another early start tomorrow (my birthday) before I hopefully get out on my road bike in the afternoon.  Let's hope all goes as well and as smoothly as it did today!

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