Friday, December 23, 2011


So the calendar says December but I really think it's lying.  The last two days have been spring-like.  Warm temps, and almost muggy most of the time.  If things stay like this for the rest of the winter I'll be a happy fellow. 

Christmas is in a couple days and I could not be happier for it to be over.  I've never been the "bah-humbug" type, but for some reasonn this year just ain't makin' it in the Christmas department.  Maybe I'm just getting old and grumpy...

Anyway, looking forward to spending some more time up at Sprain ridge this coming week, along with a cool little excursion "somewhere" to ride the skinny wheels this coming Tuesday (more on that in another post!).  Looking to be a pretty cool last week of the year on two wheels.  Fun, with unseasonable temps.  Can't seem to go wrong with that!

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