Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sprain Ridge

Hit up the trails at Sprain Ridge about 30 mins outside of NYC today and I'm totally stoked!!! It's amazing how much good riding can be had within an hour of downtown Manhattan.  While it's not quite north enough to get into the mountains, it does have quite a bit of elevation change (for what it is), and a good bit of rocks, rollers, and drops from 2-6 feet.  To me, it's a perfect "All-Mountain" trail.  Not quite fast enough to be a cross country trail, but plenty technical-enough so to even have some good Freeride potential if one is so inclined.

I rode one of my smaller "big bikes" there today.  Last time was a 7 inch travel AM bike, but today I stuck with the 5 inch Stumpy FSR.  I'm shocked with how much this bike can handle.  It doesn't plow over everything like my Specialized Enduro does (the 7inch bike), but if the right lines are taken, it competes.  Add to that the lighter weight and therefore better climbing ability, and you have just about the perfect bike for these trails.  The only mistake I made was going a little too firm on the air pressure up front.  My Fork was probably at about 90 psi which works well for the smooth trails around here, but I would have rather had it around 80 psi for some of the big bastards I was rollin' over today!

All in all, great day today.  Probably going to try and hit these trails a couple more times before Christmas. After that, there's no telling what the weather is going to do.  Hopefully the snow will hold out until forever!  This place is like Heaven on Earth!!!

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