Thursday, November 8, 2012


People need to get a clue.  I had a person come to me today asking if I could move a class that I teach to an earlier time that suited her better.  While I have absolutely no problem with trying to please anyone and everyone that takes the time to come to my class, I was outraged by her request.  She specifically sighted the fact that because of the class's time, she was stressed about being able to get a workout in, as she has to pick her kids up from daycare/school.  There are two blaring things wrong with her request:

1-She did not take into consideration the other "regulars" in the class.  These people come at the time that the class is scheduled, week after week, and have arranged their schedules so that they can be there.  They count on the class being that time each and every week, and have adapted what they do around it. And,
2-She has not realized the fact that the class is there as a service from the gym and is included in her membership.  Therefore, if she wishes to get more of a workout in, she should come 15 minutes before the class, use the weights and other equipment the gym provides, and do her own workout prior to the class.  She's a big girl, I think she can manage something on her own.

The real fault here lies in her inability to be self sufficient.  This recent storm and living in the dark and cold has taught me (as well as many others, I imagine) a whole lot about being self sufficient.  You have to adapt to what's presented to you, and if you can't, then you're shit out of luck.  I can understand her want of a "structured workout", and not wanting to go it alone, but somewhere deep down you have to summon the will power to learn and do a workout on your own.  She's motivated enough to come to the gym, certainly a 39 year old woman can be equally motivated to learn a few movements and train on her own for 15 whole minutes.

Perhaps I'm letting this get under my skin a little too much, and perhaps I should be more understanding, but with all that is going on in the Northeast and all the people who have lost so much but continue to persevere, I can't help but get angry at a person like this.

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