Sunday, October 24, 2010

2 hour road ride

I'm loving this time of year. The fall colours are beautiful, and the air is crisp and comfortable. I've been spending more time in the trails than on the roads lately, but today I got out the old road bike and put in some easy miles. I had intended on doing a club ride today, but because of some legistical stuff, it didn't quite work out. Heading out on my own for a little was all I needed though.
I'm really happy with the efficiency mtbing has given me. Not only am I pretty fast on the dirt now, but climbing on the road bike has taken on an entirely new ease. I had always thought of myself as a relatively strong cyclist, but it's a whole different ball game now. Riding so many different kinds of bike lately has really given me the skills that I imagine "true" cyclists to possess. I'm not saying that triathletes don't have riding skills, but its not all that hard to ride alone at a set pace when no one is around you and no rocks or roots are getting in your way:). "Hard" is a relative term of course as it is certainly a hard thing to put down a blazing bike split over any distance triathlon. All I'm saying is that I've gained a wealth of knowledge and skill by spicing things up.
On the schedule after the ride today was a run, but coach and I have decided to forgo that. Each time I run lately I seem to pick up some new niggle and I'm getting unbelievably frustrated. On the last run my achillies and arch (on the same side) gave me pain. It's almost like I'm made of glass! Guess I'm just getting old:).
For the rest of today I plan on doing a little yardwork, eating:), and watching the XTERRA World Championships on the web this afternoon. My Jets are off this weekend and the Giants don't play until tomorrow. Not like I'm a Giants fan but at least it's a New York team to watch!
Also, I'll have the review of my new bike vs. my old bike up relatively soon. I've had some delays in trying to figure out how to upload photos with my new camera/cell phone. Stay tuned...

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