Saturday, October 23, 2010

MTB: 50 miles

Ok, so it was more like 48.5. It still kicked my ass. Rode for about 3 hours and had a blast doing it. Have to admit that the time flew by much faster than it does on the road. Also, I was happy that I was still able to go fast and still stay upright in the very technical sections of the trail even after I got tired. I'm getting more effecient as a mountain biker and it shows. No spills today.
I'm still amazed at the difference in bikes. My 29er was very "flowy", but not real quick out of the corners. While it took me a little bit to get used to it, the 26er is much must faster and manuverable. The shorter wheel base allows for tighter turns and getting through switchbacks like you stole something. The biggest difference I notice between how to actually ride each bike is that it's very easy to oversteer when going from the big wheels to the smaller ones. Just evidence that every move on a 29er needs to be exaggerated. In the end I'm still happier to be riding a 26, so much so that I'm putting my 29er up for sale. Nothing personal, just business:).
The review is still coming so sit tight. I'm just a bit smashed from riding hard today. Tomorrow is a road ride that should have my legs feeling better by the end.

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