Friday, October 22, 2010


Just a quick update:

Training started again for me today with a bit of...well one of those sneaky, weak farts. The kind that just sort of squeak out. Excuse the vulgarity, but that's just how I feel. Had a swim and run on tap for today, but got to the pool to find it closed, then hurt my achillies and arch on the run. Not exactly I wanted to start my assault on the 2011 season:).

I got to sneak in a little mtbing as well, so that made me feel better. I invested in a new bike which I will review in detail very soon. Basically I did the opposite of what everyone in mountain biking is doing-I went from a 29er to a 26er. Why you ask? Because I like to party:). In actuallity, I rode a 26er in Wales and loved it. The 29er I was riding was slow and felt like handling a Mack truck while the 26er's feel much more nimble and responsive. I'm not going to get into it now (gotta save something for the review!), but I've very happy with the change and super excited with my purchase. As I said, I'll have a SUPER detailed review with pics and all soon so stay tuned! Happily though, I have a great bike to race XTERRA with this upcoming season!

Heading to bed a bit early tonight so that tomorrow's training might take better shape:). Stay tuned for the 26er vs. 29er review in the next day or so...Pics as well! Promise!!!

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