Monday, June 21, 2010

Don't be an ingrate, HYDRATE!!!

Great bike ride yesterday, followed by an easy jog (to test the ankle that's been giving me problems the last week), followed by a nightmare of heatstroke! The temps were high yesterday as was the humidity-recipe for bad things if you're not careful. Anyway, went out on the bike with Anne and didn't drink nearly enough (she did remind me to drink, but being the BONEHEAD I am, I didn't think I needed all that much). Of course, after getting back from the run, I got chills, sweats, and achy joints. Basically it feels like I got hit by a bus. I've got flu-like symptoms, nightsweats, and a bad stomach. Basically I'm miserable. If I didn't have Anne to take care of me while I'm recovering from my boneheadedness, I'd be in much worse shape:). Slowly I'm getting better, but it is surely not something I'll do ever again!!!

Until the heatstroke, I was having quite a good day. We'd slept in a bit and decided to get on the bikes first-the original plan was to get out to the beach and do an open water swim first, but sleep took priority over cold water:). So we got out on the bike and did what just about equated to an 75 mile loop. It was hot, sticky and looked like it could pour rain at any time. We rode some nice rolling roads and got back in about 4 hours. Good day in the books.

After the bike Anne set off on a longer run and I did an easy 15 minute jog. I've been frustrated this year with getting injured all the time from running. In over 20 years of athletic competition, I've never been sidelined with any sort of injury. I've played violent sports of every kind and even been a fighter. Never injured seriously enough to stop me from competing once. And now, within the last 8 months, I've had little things keep me from running at several different times. I'm beginning to think that I'm made of glass. In the end I believe I have to realize that I'm not getting any younger, and that it's perhaps time to take injury prevention into account. Stretching, weights, and the correct equipment all need to take priority.

So I'm hoping to get back into training tomorrow. I'm still feeling a bit ill, but I think after a good night's sleep and some medicine, I'll be hopefully back to normal. I certainly don't want this heatstroke to take me "out of the game" for more than a day.

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