Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sick and Hating Every Second of it!!!!!!

Still sick. It's funny how your body will stop you dead in your tracks when it really wants to stop. There's a lot you can do to force things with your mind, but when the body wants to stop, it'll let you know.

When I was fighting, the obvious "stopper" was being knocked out. When your body (or head for that matter) took a hit that it couldn't absorb, you'd hit the mat fast. In my cast this week, I didn't make rest and recovery the priorities they should have been and I've been knocked to the mat in a similar fashion. I also don't think bragging to Anne that "I haven't been sick in years" helped the matter any:). Talk about a sure-fire way to jinx yourself!

In a situation such as this, you can choose to either be mad at the world and not learn anything, or you can accept the setback, learn from it, and become stronger as a result. I've chosen the second option. There are lessons here that I'm glad to have learned now, especially in my lead up to my first Ironman. Had this sickness occurred closer to the race, it may have spelled disaster in a number of different ways. Also, with learning comes humility. In the area where I felt indestructible (not "being sick for years") I've realized that although I might have a super strong immune system 99% of the time, I might still be vulnerable to illness-particularly when I don't make rest and recovery a priority.

So I'll take the little lessons I've learned from this episode and be a stronger athlete and person because of them. After all, what's the point of sport if you don't learn something about yourself in the process.

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