Friday, January 13, 2012

It's funny... your interests dictate your "life decisions".  Ok, maybe "life decisions" is too strong.  More like day to day actions.  When I was hellbent on racing and squeezing every ounce of fitness out of this body to go from point A to point B faster and faster, everything in life was geared to that pursuit.  Eating, work schedule, bathing (yes, even bathing!), etc.  Now that I'm more of what my friend Pete calls a "lazy Freeride/Downhill guy", I'd say that much more of my daily decisions are based by how I feel.  More and more I'm concerned with things like "fun", and being "totally stoked" on shredding the trails.  I can't remember the last time I actually timed a ride.  Now it seems I ride to actually lose track of time.  It's my escape and it's the place I go when I want to focus on nothing more than the trail and the outdoors.

There's a trail I've been driving up to once every week for about the last month that's kind of my "special place".  To me, it's the closest thing to a mountain bike heaven that is accessible within a reasonable car ride.  I'm sure there are better trails out west, or in Europe, but I'll be damned if this place isn't the best thing going right now.  It's super techy and has some super gnarly sections.  While it's probably much safer to ride with others, I've gone it alone every time but once.  I like the solitude, and in a strange way, the "danger" of riding a rough area alone attracts me to it. 

Back to the point (if there even was one) of this post...  I guess what I'm saying is that it's nice, in a way, not to have your interest (sport? hobby?) dictate your life.  I ride when I want, and I live how I want.  Somewhere inside is that type A obsessed athlete, but the "lazy Freeride/Downhill guy" is having a sweet time while old stuffy nuts is being suppressed. :)

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