Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Too much of a good thing

Since I "stopped" racing at the end of this past summer, I've ridden my bike almost every day.  Maybe one or two days every once in a while would be "off" days, but for the most part there was never a day that went by that I wasn't pedaling.

The past three days I didn't sit on my bike once.  Well, ok, I mean I sat on my bikes, but no riding.  I didn't plan the break, nor did I intend it to last 3 days, but I did other things (like finishing the new flooring in my living room, lifting weights, and having some fun).  I missed my bikes, but didn't think much of the little bit of time off.

Today was back on the mountain bike and it rocked.  Because of my "ride every day" mentality, I really haven't allowed my body to rest like I had when I was actually riding for training and not just for fun.  I hadn't realized the toll it took on my legs and body, but today's ride was evidence that some time doing other things does a body good.  I felt great and rode great.  My skills felt sharper than they have in a couple weeks, and I was able to rip, shred, and do rad things the whole way through.  Two thumbs up for sure!  Hoping that tomorrow will be more of the same!

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