Monday, January 23, 2012

New Toy, Weights, and Snow

We got the first snow of the year this past weekend. Some would say "finally", but I could live without it. It's not that I'm opposed to any snow, it's just that it kind of takes away from my riding.  Riding in a dusting of snow is fun, but once it gets to be more than a couple inches most of the fun is taken away-at least for me.  Some guys go crazy and get snow bikes, but to me that's just not mountain biking.  I actually think of it as another sport entirely.  Anyway...

Most, if not all, of the snow will be back tomorrow and I'll get my trails back.  In reality there's not much to complain about this year and I should be thankful for the mild weather we've had...for goodness sake, it was 55 degrees today!  It'll be muddy and fun tomorrow, and even the next day, but I'll have fun nonetheless.

On another subject I finally pulled the trigger and bought myself a MacBook Pro the other day.  I've always been on a PC, and looked at Mac users as uptight snobs that hang out in Starbucks and work on Macs because it's the "hip" thing to do, but I can honestly say that I've seen the light.  These things are just plain amazing.  From the moment I opened the box I was amazed at how neat and tidy the packaging was.  Even before I turned the machine on, I just sat and stared  at how nice it looked.  It's taken a bit to get used to, and I'm sure they'll be much more to learn as I go, but I'm saying it now: I'm forever a Mac user from now forward.

Lastly, I've been off the bike for about 3 days now.  I know it's nothing crazy, but I honestly can't remember the last time I took more than a day off from riding.  With the weather being as it has, the opportunity to get out really hasn't had much of anything get in its way.  A little rain here or there, but the temps have been warm and the riding has been good.  Getting in a workout with weights (something I almost never do these days) was actually welcomed.  I'd rather be riding my bike, but moving heavy objects makes you feel good and hits different endorphins than riding.  If I had to take one or the other I think we'd know which that would be, but in honesty, the weights today weren't a bad substitution.

Oh, and here's the latest of my favorite viral vids... I'm sooo stoked about this vid!

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