Sunday, May 6, 2012

Another day closer...

To my BIG announcement!  Not going to let the cat out of the bag yet, but as I've said in a previous post, there's something brewing.  At this point in my life, it's put up or shut up, so I'm going to try my best to put up before I get shut up.

Thinking about life, you have to realize how short things are.  I'm 31 already.  Still not old by a long shot, but where the hell have the past 30 years go?  Seems like I was just 18 and heading off to college yesterday, not I'm taking on a new path and grabbing control of my life.  I'm not saying that what I'm undertaking is going to change my life permanently, but I'm not saying that it won't either.

The fact of the matter is,  everyone has to challenge themselves and break out of their shells at some point.  Each person has their own way of doing it, and they'll make it happen in their own time.  A lot of the time, this 'shell breaking' if forced on us, and we don't recognize it when it happens because we're going with the flow.  Other times, like mine, we've stayed stagnant for too long, and have to actively choose to make a difference in our lives.

For me, it's a scary proposition, but knowing myself, that's where I tend to achieve the most-when my back is against the wall.  It's not that I'm someone who will sit idly and wait for something to come to him, but I need to be challenged sometime to make the right choice.  Right now, it's been more than long enough of doing the same things over and over.

Many great people have said that you never get anywhere until you do something that scares you.  After all, how do you really know who you are if you've never been tested.  I'm reminded of the scene in the film "Fight Club" when Tyler Durden explains, "How much can you really know about yourself if you've never been in a fight?"  Absolutely true.  This is my fight and I'm excited to see what I'll learn about the man I am.

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