Thursday, May 3, 2012


I'm going to go grey with all the stress I'm dealing with today. I have an important announcement coming up, but I'm going to keep all of my 2 readers on the edge of their seats until Monday.  With said announcement, I've been running all around, setting things up, getting work done, and taking care of responsibilities that need to be tended to before things go down.

I'm not the type that handles stress well, and the fact that I'm usually over-caffieneated doesn't help manners.  I like when things are on an even keel, and disruptions in the matrix don't sit well with me.  I've been working on this, but at times like this, with so much going on and so much at stake (at least in my head), I tend to shit the bed with anxiety.  Not to say that there aren't moments when I'm cool under pressure, but this is certainly not one.

By Monday, everything should be done, safe and sound.  This is a biggie, so make sure to check back for it.  It does involve bikes, fitness, and fun, so it's nothing out of the ordinary for me.  Just enough of a change to make me start to take on new avenues in my life.

On another note, my foot is still slowly but surely getting better.  I'm feeling no pain, and the wound is closing nicely, though I still think I'm going to take my time getting back to full strength up on the bike.  I've done nearly nothing physical in the past 3 weeks, and though I'm starting to get fat (for me), I've still remaind strong by lifting on occasion.  I had planned originally to be very dedicated to my gym work during this layoff from the bike, but the fact is that I'm not very keen on only lifting weights, and for the most part find it to be incredibly boring.  There may come a time, I suppose, when I get back on the hog and lift like I did when I was in my early twenties, but this sure ain't the time.  

As much as it kills me to be 'less than fit' at the moment, I know two things: 1) within a week or two of being back to riding, I'll be fit again, lean again, and feeling good. And 2) this time away from the bike is good for the body and soul.  In the past years of riding, I've seldom if ever taken solid time away from being on the bike.  Even with the terrible winters we've had, with snow covering the trails from December to March,  I still found the motivation to get on the indoor trainer or rollers to keep my fitness and satisfy my urge to pedal.

With this being a mild winter, and the trails being in superb condition throughout, I never got off the bike. I suppose this is my penance to pay for having the luxury of riding whenever and wherever I pleased all winter long.  If that's the case, it's a small price to pay.

With the doctor's recommendation of "one more week" drawing to a close, it's tempting to try and test the foot to see where things are.  It feels so good right now I'd like to do that, but being smart will pay off for the future.  If all goes well, as I hope it will, I'll look back at this time off the bike as a well needed rest that recharged both body and soul.  Or I'll look back and think about how much is sucked not to ride.  Either way, I hope when I do, I'll be riding.

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