Sunday, November 27, 2011

AMHT (all mountain hard tail)

Sounds like some sort of thing you go and hunt...

Anyway, I picked up my bad ass Transition TransAM hardtail and ripped it today.  I was having a convo with a buddy last night about this bike.  Basically I was a little skeptical of it.  I bought it from a guy a couple weeks ago that had ridden it for about 6 hours total.  I couldn't believe the condition and the low price so I pulled the trigger.
Since getting into "big bikes" this summer, I'd wanted to build this exact bike up.  I figured it would be fun (especially on Long Island where there is absolutely NOTHING terribly technical), not to mention fast.  Something about a hardtail with a long travel fork just spoke to me.

After the first ride I was less than impressed.  It was sluggish, heavy, and not nearly as fast as my full sus bikes.  I wanted to give it another chance and swap some things, so I spent a little money to get what you see in the pic above (not too much mind you!).  I swapped out the heavy bashgaurd and little chain "nub" (the thingy you can attatch to the seatpost to avoid chainsuck) for a single 32 tooth ring and MRP Lopes chainguide.  Simple upgrade but got some weight off the bike for sure.  Next I got a new Saddle, a WTB Devo Thinline that was on sale at the local shop.  It was a test saddle that had never been installed.  Good score!  And finally I swapped out the WTB Weirwolf tires the seller had on it for my Kenda Navegal 2.35's.  A pretty aggressive and wide tire, but it roles well, and seems to compliment the hardtail nicely.  I had these tires already, and they were installed on another bike.  They sucked on the other bike, but roll pretty damn fast on this one...go figure!

Otherwise it's built up as follows:
Answer Pro Taper Handlbars 720mm
Truvative Stem 60mm
Thompson setback seatpost
Rock Shox Sektor Coil Sprung U-turn adjustable fork- 120mm to 150mm (I'm shocked with how much I love this!)
Transition TransAM Steel frame
Deore Hollowtech cranks w/32 tooth ring
Sram X7 9 speed rear derailliur and shifter
Easton Havoc Wheels
Avid Juicy 3 Brakes

Truly a badass bike and one that will make your handling skills all the better.  Riding full sus bikes is great, but if you wanna take your skill to the next level, try riding a good 'ole 26inch wheel'd hardtail on some chunky stuff.  You MUST get doubt!!!

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