Monday, November 28, 2011

More Hard Tail Fun

Spent another, albeit easier, day on the TransAM.  Well the whole day isn't accurate, more like a solid ride of my local loop.  Still fun though!

I decidedly took things easy today.  I was squeezed for time on my ride yesterday, so I hammered it out in near record time (despite the fact that I was on a bike that weighs about 10lbs more than my race bike!).  Today was just a pure "out for the fun of it" ride.  No time constraints, no "workout" attitude, just enjoy the 70 degree temps on an unseasonably beautiful late November day. 

In all I'm still impressed by the hard tail.  It's amazing how little things can change so much on a bike.  It's a good lesson in allowing yourself not to think that a bike can't feel faster if you just tweak things.  A week ago I had thought I made a mistake in getting this rig only to have it become one of the top two bikes in my quiver.  I'm really digging it and so stoked that I have it!

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