Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Wish I had more to write about, but there's really not a whole lot going on these days.  I'm riding everyday on my "big bikes", but it's definitely not training, more just riding for fun.  It's nice to just go out on a ride, go hard if you want to, or easy if you want to, and just generally chill, take pictures, and laugh about sections that made you clench your buttcheeks. 

I picked up a new bike after selling a couple of 29ers I used to race on this past season.  I usually sell all my stuff at the end of the season and get a new bike(s) for the coming season.  Anyway, I got a Stump Jumper FSR to rock and roll on.  It's unbelievable how much bike they packed into such a simple platform.  I got the Comp version, the "entry level" Stumpy FSR. I can say, though, that it's anything BUT "entry level".  The thing is dialed in with some of the best parts I've ever seen on a stock bike.  So much so, that I'm not going to upgrade a thing.  It's perfect for what I'm doing right now.  With 140mm of travel front and rear, it's got balls and legs at the same time.  Great bike and awesome fun.

As for a race bike for next year, I'm still not sure.  I've been thinking of a Specialized hard tail 29er, but there's a the Yeti Big Top that looks pretty nice too.  Looks like I've got the opportunity to get both bikes at a great deal, so it'll be a hard decision.  It also depends on what races I'm planning on doing.  More than likely I'm going to focus on Downhill, Super D, and some All Mountain/Enduro stuff, so my season will be gravity oriented, but for the XC stuff I'll need a weapon. Decisions, decisions...

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