Sunday, December 5, 2010

Long Island Cyclocross Series Race No.2

'Cross hurts...bad. When I was 19, in a moment of 'non-thought', I pierced my nipples. I took the piercings out after 6 months, but I'll never forget how much it hurt. 'Cross is similar to that pain, but it lasts for an hour rather than only a few seconds.
Today hurt, but I was rewarded by a better finish than last weekend, and a more thoughtful race overall. Being that this is only my second ever race, I still have a bunch to learn, but at least today I was able to get in the mix a bit more.
I had a great start (mostly because it was a grass, uphill start-but I'll take it) and was able to stay with the front group for the first 2 laps. I got dropped off the back of the 4 or 5 guys ahead of me and basically stayed there for the rest of the race. I managed to move up to 5th by the end, despite a small crash I had on a sandy switchback.
The course was much more to my liking today. Much more techy with some great opportunities to power past folks on the sharp and loose uphill sections. I did the best I could today and wasn't upset to get beaten by guys that have just been doing this longer than me.
I did realize today, though, that in order to get better on the 'cross bike, I actually need to RIDE the 'cross bike more than just on raceday:). I promised myself all week that I'd get out to practice, but the urge just never got to me. I got in some solid days on the mountain bike, and my road rides were strong too, but I really need to get more used to the handling of my cross bike and the gearing to be faster.
The next and final race in the series is in two weeks, so I'll have a great opportunity to fine tune my skills before then. In the end I really wish I'd started 'cross earlier this year. For sure, next fall will be seriously devouted to getting in some real good 'cross races and practice. This is a damn fun sport!


  1. Ha! Love the piercing analogy. Do you have any tattoos? My most recent one (I have 9 now) took close to 3 hours. I have had my septum (nose) pierced and that was the worst, but ~2 hours in to a tattoo once he starts retouching some of the raw lines it gets pretty intense. I also have two brands, one on the back of each hand and that lit me up. Maybe I'll try some cross races now :)

  2. Awesome! I have 3 tatoos, but nothing that took longer than about an hour and a half. I found them strangely calming:). They're nothing elaborate though, so it was basically outlining and coloring in. Brands!? Nice. I never had the "testicular fortitude" (as my old football coach used to say) to get one. Have to say they do look cool though. I'm sure 'lit up' is an understatement!:)