Monday, December 20, 2010

Long Island Cyclocross Series Race No.3

After perhaps the worst start in the history of cyclocross, I was able to claw my way back to a somewhat reasonable finish.
The course yesterday was frozen-fast. I probably should've gone a little lower with the tire pressure, so I had to suck up a lot of the bumpy 'frozen-ness' with my ass and legs. After the bad start I was able to get into a bit of a rythm and fight my way back up through the field, though unlike the first two races of the series, I had no chance to even try and stay with the lead pack. This was a little frustrating as I really feel that I had a chance to hang with the faster guys for a least a couple of laps yesterday, given the development I've made in 'cross, but oh well.
Anyway, I worked with another guy and we were able to make up quite a bit of time and we both finished top 10. I believe I was either 5th or 6th (unofficially) and he was 7th. Overall it was a great race and a pretty cool, albeit low-key series. Next season I actually plan on taking this 'cross thing seriously and doing some of the bigger races. It's such a great sport and I really had a ton of fun. Not to mention racing almost every weekend is such a bonus and keeps things fresh. Keeps the competitive juices flowin'!!!
Here are some pics:

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