Saturday, December 18, 2010


There's definitely something to be said about quality. Whether in training or in equipment, quality is were it's at! I've been riding a couple different bikes lately, one in the hope of making it into a race machine and the other in the hopes of just keeping it in it's already great form. Anyway, due to some mechanical functions on what we'll call the 'training' bike, I had to take out the 'race' bike. Both bikes are set up identically, with similar components, and the 'training' bike even has a better, albeit, older fork. The only significant difference in the bikes is the frame. One is Trek's highest grade aluminum (the alpha red version), and the other is Azonic's scandium (produced by Easton a few years back I believe). I don't think it's necessarrily the material of the frames that makes the difference, I believe it's the design.

As we all know aluminum is a stiff and light material, but not very good at soaking up the bumps. When it's designed right, though, it can make a huge difference. My back has been killing me on training rides riding the generic design of the Azonic bike. I love the bike, it's stiff, quick, and light, but after a ride my lower back feels like it's been torqued every which way it's NOT suppossed to go. On the Trek yesterday, I felt completely fine. Same trails I always ride, just a different bike, and all my pains went away. As I've said, the bikes have identical set ups so I know it's not the fit. It literally just comes down to a better design of the Trek over the Azonic. I'm not bashing Azonic, but the design of the frame just doesn't work for me on longer rides.

So that's my mini "review" of the bikes of sorts. I'm excited to look into other options of bikes, including getting to demo a titainium bike. I also might have the opportunity to build up a sweet carbon bike for this upcoming season, so we'll see where that leads. On the surface, I'm a bit concerned with riding a carbon mountain bike, but I'm sure that since so many people ride them it'll be fine. Excited nonetheless!

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