Saturday, December 4, 2010


Got out on the trails again for a mellow ride. I know I keep referring back to the 6 hour race, but I really am thinking it took out of me much more than I thought. Though it was three weeks ago today, I think it took until now to get fully recovered. I wasn't strict with my recovery tactics, and tried to get right back to full training right away after the race. The fatigue set in a few days later, but I thought it was only a matter of not sleeping enough-DUH! that's the essence of NOT getting in recovery! So stupid! So anyway, the last few days I've kept things pretty easy and my body feels like it's coming around. My last two rides have been strong, and my legs finally feel like they're back again.

Tomorrow is another 'cross race and I'm totally pumped. I promised myself that I'd practice a bit on my cross bike this week, but in the end I just didn't feel like it. I split time between the mtb and the road and don't have any regrets for doing so. I had fun and that's what this time of year is all about.

Today will probably be a few more mellow hours on the trails with the mtb. Nothing hard, just getting in some pedal time and enjoying the cool weather. It's hovering right around the freezing mark, so it's getting brisk. I'm delighted to see how much warmer it is in the woods though. The combination of slower speed mixed with the blockage of the wind by the trees makes things pretty pleasant as compared to the roads. My feet were still cold yesterday, but overall I didn't need nearly as much coverage as I'm used to on the road. Will try to take some pics today as well.

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