Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rollin' along

Whacked at the finish...

Pushing hard into a corner

I hope these guys were hurting as me as me!

Some more images from the first 'cross race a couple weeks ago. Funny how time flies. Feels like that race was just yesterday!

Things have been moving pretty fast around here the past few weeks. Work has been keeping me super busy which is really funny for this time of year. Usually things slow to a crawl between Thanksgiving and Christmas for me. I'm almost waiting for the bottom to drop out! Either way, I'm happy to have so much work as it means I have more money:) Funny how that works!

Training has been going well, though I'm really getting concerned about my motivation for tri recently. I still love it, it's just that I've found something special in racing bikes. I'm not the best at it-yet-but it still fascinates me. Mountainbiking has become very special to me, and cross is just rediculously awesome. There's just something about being on two wheels in the dirt that gets my blood moving. More and more I'm really considering a break from tri and a focus on racing bikes this next year. Hmmm.....

Personally things are great. I get to see Anne in another couple weeks when I head back to the UK and to say I can't wait is the understatement of the year. I miss her terribly every day, but I know it's just going to be that much better when I see her beautiful face again. Gotta say I'm the luckiest guy in the world:). 'Till then it's just work, work, train, sleep, and work.

I took things easy, training wise today. Just an easy swim. I'm really pretty shot from a Tuesday that envolved a run and hard session on the mountain bike-hard not because it was really suppossed to be, but hard because I didn't have much time to fit it in before I had to head back to work. Great opportunity to fit in some good tempo work! Tomorrow I'm deviating from the schedule a bit to run in the AM and head out on the road bike for a couple mellow hours in the PM before I have to head back to work. Looking to keep things easy tomorrow as I wanna get in some good miles in the trails Saturday. It's been cold as f*ck here this week and Saturday is suppossed to be warm (mid 40's) before we get some snow and rain on Sunday. More than likely, Sunday will be a rest day for me as I desperately need to sleep late and catch up on my rest. Besides, the Jets are playing and hopefully they can redeem themselves from that embarrassing debockle from this past Monday night. Ugh...


  1. Triathlon will be around man... have fun and do what makes you happy. CX definitely looks fun! Makes any run race look boring.

  2. Very true. That's kinda been my thought process lately. Life's too short:).