Friday, December 10, 2010

No Exercise

Made the decision NOT to exercise today-at all. I just didn't have the desire to force it, and the weather made things even harder. Most times I'm a hardass. I'll train in snow, rain (though Anne knows that I have to be on my "rain" bike when it rains:) ), sleet, cold-whatever. I usually laugh when people get on me about "but it's raining outside" when I head out of the gym in my run gear or cycling kit. But today was just one of those days that didn't happen.

I started early with a wake up of 4am, and just kept on cruising throughout the day with client after client. When the time came to train I napped and read a book. When I got back home after my afternoon apointments, I pulled out the book again and poured a beer (see pic). I thought a lot about bikes today, but just didn't have it in me to pedal. Anyway, it's the winter! I guess I can afford to be fat and happy for ONE day:).

Tomorrow I'll be back at it, recharged and ready to go with a 3+ hour ride on the mountain bike. Super mellow, super enjoyable. I'm hoping there aren't more of the 'weekend warrior' types about that try and race me after I pass them when they're stopped by the side of the trail. It's not like I'm a jerk and just go blasting by, or that I don't say hello, I guess they just feel the need to try and overtake me. This happened last week and made me want to rip the guy behind me's legs off! He managed to crash on a techy section when he was trying to keep up, and I can't say I felt all that bad. Hehehe:). Rant over...time to drink that beer!

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