Thursday, September 15, 2011

Got it!

Finally picked up my new Cannondale Jekyll from the shop today.  I had been trying to sell a few things (bike parts, bikes, etc.) to come up with the scratch to buy this beast, but was still short up until yesterday.  I had put my Superfly Elite up on Ebay and it didn't move.  I got an email from a guy who was interested when the auction began, but couldn't come up with the money at the time.  He told me to contact him if it didn't go, and low and behold, he came through after no one on Ebay bid on it.  Long story short, he gave me a bit more than I was asking and was a super fair buyer.  Looks like I actually might have made a friend out of the deal!

In honesty, I was never a HUGE fan of the Superfly.  I enjoyed the light weight of the bike, but I felt like it wasn't as stiff as I would have liked it to be.  I have a Trek Paragon (same geometry as the Superfly, just in aluminum) and I've always enjoyed the way it rides.  Sure, the ride is a bit more harsh, but I feel that on the dirt you don't notice that as much as you would on the road.  Low tire pressure takes the edge off, so getting beat up isn't too much of a concern.  I'll pay the weight penalty to have that little extra bit of stiffness and responsiveness a hardtail should have.

So with the money I was able to get from the extra "junk" I sold on Ebay, along with the sale of the Superfly, I was able to pull together enough to get my Jekyll.  All I have to say is that this thing is amazing.  It comes with what Fox calls a "DYAD" shock.  Without going into particulars, you can switch from 90mm of travel in the rear to 150mm with the flip of a switch on the handlebars.  In otherwords you can go from a mountain goat climber to daredevil downhill rider in a snap.  This is particularly good for me, as I've taken recently to jumping just about anything I possibly can, and bombing down flowy singletrack like crazy.

I keep saying this, but I'm really enjoying having fun doing things on a mountain bike I never thought I'd be interested in.  It's not like I've become some crazy freeride maniac, but pushing my limits is a lot of fun.  A few months ago a good weekend would have consisted of 8-12 hours of riding, pushing and trying to gain more fitness.  Now, a good weekend includes packing my Camelback with food, hitting new trails, and sitting by a lake enjoying the fall weather.  Racing will be there when I get back.  Right now I just need to get my head straight and actually ENJOY exercise again:).

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