Saturday, September 17, 2011

Road Trip? Maybe.

Actually more like a "day trip".  There's a really cool (from what I hear) trail system in a state park that's about 2 hours away from my home.  I hate driving far to ride for the day, but I'm dreadfully bored with what we've got here on Long Island.  Not much elevation change, (duh!), and not many rocks.  We do have some nice, tight and twisty trails, but when you ride them all the time, they get sort of predictable.

So I'm on the fence about taking this trip today.  On one hand, it'll be great fun and a bit of adventure, but on the other hand it's taking a whole day out of a weekend that's already going to be busy and spending money on gas that I'd rather not spend.  In honesty though, the gas money isn't really that big of a deal, and the weekend isn't THAT busy.

Anyway, It'll be a game time decision.  Hopefully, if I do go, my stupid video camera will actually work and I'll get some cool vids to post.  

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