Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Road Ride

Got out on the road bike again today!  Third time in the last 4 days!  The difference I feel in my riding now versus how I did in the middle of my race season is dramatic.  I think I'd be perfect for some 40k TT right now as my power is way up.  However, with that power gain, my weight is about 10-12 pounds heavier than where I was this past summer.  I'm not quite as 'zippy' up the hills, but the flats are just one big blur.  In any regard, I'm happy that my power has gone up.  This will be good if and when I decide to start my 'cross season.

The weather here looks to be taking a turn toward more fall like temps in the next week which has me super psyched to take some day trips to the 'mainland' and do some real techy riding.  Long Island is great if you want some tight and twisty single track, but there isn't too much in the way of technical riding.  I can only think of one trail we have here that has flow to it, allowing for at least some fun downhill action.  Heading to New Jersey or Upstate New York (which are both only a couple hours away) can put you in the mix of more typical East Coast rocky and rooty goodness.  I'm either headed up to Lake Placid for the weekend or taking a day trip over to Ramapo Mountain State park on Sunday.  Either one should fulfill my riding fix.  I'll be sure to ACTUALLY take and post some pics when I go!

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