Monday, September 19, 2011

Shreddin' the track

Nothing is better than shredding singletrack...NOTHING.  Got together with a buddy of mine today and we both got out and rocked it.  He's getting more and more comfortable with being on the dirt, and he's beginning to stick with me on the techy downhills.  Not sure he enjoys flying through the air as much as I do, but either way we had some fun today. 

Funniest quote of the day was when John  said, "See, I have this thing where I can't feel my feet."  The funny thing about this is he really can't feel his feet!  He's a badass.  He was in a serious accident where he was hit by a car on his bike and the doctors said he would never walk again.  He responded by doing multiple Ironman races and pushing me on the mountain bike.  He's seriously inspires me every time we get a chance to ride together.  Google him-John Carson!  Awesome guy!

Tomorrow will be a bit more of the same as the last month: just getting out and riding dirt.  I'm secretly planning a trip out west (CO, AZ, CA?) next month.  I wanna get in some good riding somewhere I've never been before the weather turns.  Well, that and I'm gonna start looking for a new career wherever I land! 

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