Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Be Cool

Had a great ride yesterday despite being unreasonably frustrated within the first 5 minutes.  I had wanted to do some more filming yesterday, and as I haven't yet received a new GoPro HD 2, I set out with my Epic HD Action Cam.  No less than 10 seconds after hitting the button to start recording, "BEEEEEEEEP" right in my ear.  Even though I had taken the time to put BRAND NEW batteries in it before heading to the trail, the "dead battery" signal still rung.  "Ok," I said to myself, "I'll just throw in three new ones and see what happens."  Again, same result.  Like any red blooded male would at this moment, I decided to remedy the situation by slowly detaching the camera from its mount, and slamming it into the nearest rock.  Problem fixed.

Before you get the idea that I'm just some quick tempered ass, I've got to defend myself by saying that this stupid camera has given me nothing but trouble for the entire year (exactly 1 year on Sunday, February 5th) I've owned it.  I've been able to record no more than about 1 hour total of footage, most of which was unusable.  The Epic HD has been, by far and away, the worst electronics purchase I've ever made.  Every time I think about how I could have spent the same money on a GoPro it makes my blood boil.  Live and learn.

Back to the ride: It was a beautiful day to be out on a bike.  The weather is ridiculously warm for this time of year, almost to the point that I want to pinch myself because I think I'm dreaming.  We've had to deal with some pretty harsh winter by Long Island standards the past four years, so I guess we're due for a mild one.  I'm only hoping that the nice weather now doesn't come back to bite us in the butt in March.

Today is going to be a bit of a rest day.  Though I'm not training right now, I'm riding hard.  Seems that it's a little more fun to ride fast than it is to ride slow-who woulda thought!?  So I'll more than likely take it easy to day and hit the weights later this evening.  I still have some work to do in my apartment to finish the "overhaul" I began a few weeks back with the floor.  A new couch needs to be picked up today, and I've gotta make a trip to the Salvation Army with some clothes.  Not enough can be said about what a nice thing it is to have a clean living space.  Clears both the mind and the house.

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