Thursday, February 2, 2012

Limbo Sickness

With my birthday and the Superbowl coming this weekend, the last thing I want is to be sick.  As a matter of fact, the last thing I ever want is to be sick.  Sick sucks.  Sick means no bike riding, and feeling less than great-both of which I can do without ALWAYS.

Yesterday I started getting a tickle in my throat, then it went to my joints and muscles, and this morning I just feel like poop.  Not a ton of poop, but at least that little pile that annoys everyone by the side of a trail.  You didn't quite step in it, but you know that if you had you woulda been pissed.

So the question for today that I ask myself as I sip my coffee is whether or not to ride.  If I'm going to ride I'll have to head out soon as I've got a full day of work and errands ahead, so if I miss the opportunity and feel fine later I'll be a little bummed.

Just realized how funny this whole argument is in my head... It's just one ride!  Why the hell am I so stressed out about it!:)

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