Monday, February 6, 2012


Not exactly ringing in my 31st year in style as I've been sick since this past Friday.  It started with a scratchy throat, followed by some nasal discharge, then a headache, and now just a general feeling of shit.  Actually, it really started with that terrible migraine I had last week.  I should have known things weren't all right with my body then... Oh well, it is what it is.

Decided to take the day away from the bike.  Put together a solid week of about 6 rides last week, including some really fun filming.  I'm looking forward to getting a new camera and working some more on the trails, both near and far, so stay tuned for some cool stuff.  I knew that little film degree I got in college would come in handy one day.

Otherwise I've got some cool stuff brewing on the horizon that I'll update as they happen.  Life is what you make of it and I really wanna do a lot with the "second chance" I've given myself.

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