Thursday, February 9, 2012

Plane Ride

Got a little bit of a plane ride ahead of me in about five days time.  Heading to Spain again and I'm pumped.  Looking forward to some mountain biking, some adventure, some beautiful mountain views, and catching up with good friends.

This trip had been in the cards for a bit, but having just booked it yesterday I feel an overwhelming amount of stress over the travel.  I guess I knew I was going in my mind, but now that it's been cemented, it's a little more intimidating.  I've got bags to pack, a bike to get ready, and some money to get sorted before I head over.

I think the biggest worry of mine is the transfer I'll have to make in Paris before continuing on to Malaga.  I'm worried about navigating an airport I've never been to, and I'm worried about the baggage handlers losing and/or trashing my bike in transit.  I've been extremely lucky and never had a delayed or lost bike, so I think I'm just about due for it.  I'm almost certain something will go wrong this time-especially because it's my mountain bike.

I'll be hopefully blogging a bit while I'm there, and in addition, I'll be writing an article and adding some video documenting my time there.  It'll be mostly about mountain biking, but I'm going to be sure to include much about the food, culture, shopping, etc. that this particular part of Spain has to offer.

I'm hoping to catch some cultural events while I'm there as well.  Maybe I ought to read up on some Hemingway during the flight over!

More to come and hopefully as departure Tuesday gets nearer, I'll be a little less stressed!

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