Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Quick Update

I know that I had said I would be posting as regularly as possible while in Spain, but dammit if I haven't been having too much fun to actually sit down and do a post.  I've been able to manage plenty of writing here, but just not getting it on to my blog.  Anyway, just a quick update for now.

I'm going to be heading to a national forest in Malaga tomorrow for what will most likely be the last day of riding that I'll see before I head home on Friday.  The trip has gone entirely too fast.  It's cliche, but I really feel like I just got here.  Ten days is not enough time to get settled, experience the culture, and ride bikes.  Two weeks might have been a bit more appropriate...Next time!

Seen a lot and taken some quick photos, but not nearly enough to show the beauty that is here.  I'll have to let my words and some video (most of which will be shot tomorrow) do the explaining.  I'm looking forward to putting all the wonderful times I've had on this trip into one piece.

As I sit here in a hotel lobby in Antequerra, I'm baffled at what a marvelous invention a laptop is.  I'm literally writing this blog entry thousands of miles from my living room, but it's coming through on the internet just as it would if I were sitting down on my own couch.  Amazing.  Imagine what kind of works the likes of Ernest Hemingway would have produced had he been able to access such a thing.  I can just see him now, sitting in some cafe in a little village, pounding out "The Most Dangerous Season" on his MacBook Pro.  Shocking that there aren't more writers like that now... or are there?

Anyway, don't want to get all carried away philosophically.  Looking forward to tomorrow and what it will bring from a mountain bike standpoint, but I can honestly say that the bike hasn't been the focal point of this trip.  Taking in a different country, experiencing a different culture, and not being afraid to be the foreigner that doesn't speak the language have all been paramount.  Not certain what the future will bring, but I sure am looking forward to more travel, more writing, and more good times.  Jesus, I sound like a cheesy chick flick...

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