Friday, February 24, 2012

Total Noob

Checking in from Charles Du Gal Airport in Paris, France...

I am a complete and utter fucking rookie.  I was able to secure a first class ticket on my way back from Spain, and being that I have never, EVER flown anything but coach, I'm totally new to every aspect of this.  I feel like I did the first day of prep school-totally out of my element.  I've tried to dress nice, smile at the right people, and even wore my glasses to try and look the part.  Anyway, I didn't realize this, but there's free food, booze, and coffee in the VIP lounge!  I made the rookie mistake of buying my food downstairs with the other "peasants" (myself being one of the biggest), and brining it upstairs.  Things are great when you spend 20 Euros on a slightly mushy and cold piece of "something French", a bottle of water, and a cookie that could have been made a year ago.  Sweet...   Won't make that mistake again.

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