Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mountain Bike Ride

Don't really know how long I rode for today because it was just therapy:). Not that I'm upset or needed to clear my mind, but the fact is that I haven't ridden the mtb very much since the race a couple weekends ago and just needed to get out there. Just enjoyed being in the woods and tried not to slip on the leaves too much. If there's one thing that I hate riding on it's leaves. There's no telling what's underneath, not to mention being slippery as ice in some spots. Makes for a much slower and cautious ride-especially when you just wanna enjoy things.

Though my major focus is still tri at the moment-and by tri I'm meaning XTERRA, I'm beginning to wonder if that's where my true goals for the next season lie. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love swimming, biking, and running (well not so much the swimming, but what the hell), but I'm just wondering if I'd like to focus more on cycling this coming year. I've really fallen in love with the sport and have enjoyed venturing out into mtb and 'cross races. I found that I enjoyed the 6 hour race more than any other race I've ever done, and really fancy doing some of the longer marathon and endurance mtb races. Even the stage races look awesome to me! Then again, I saw a tri today that made my mouth water and made me want to break out the tri bike and power meter all over again.

I guess my biggest worry is that I CAN'T do everything. I don't want to race just to race, I want to race to do the best that I possibly can. I'm not one of those 'experience' guys, and even if it's ridiculously unlikely, I like to race for the win. What I mean is that I want a definite focus on ONE thing. I don't want to be average at everything, I want to be great at ONE thing. It's all just a bit fuzzy in my head right now, but that's what I've been thinking about recently.

Anyway, tomorrow is gonna be a great day to practice some 'cross again before the second race in the series this weekend. It's gonna be rainy and windy all day-perfect 'cross weather! I even heard there's a possibility, thought slight, that it'll snow on race day! How great would that be!!!

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