Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Now that's more like it! Two solid days back to back in the dirt, and being able to ride more and more of the trails as the snow melts. It's muddy and there's debris everywhere, but damn if it doesn't give me the biggest smile! (well, second biggest to Anne!)

Deviated from the plan again today and got in another solid day on the mtb. I'm absolutely LOVING my new carbon Sette Elite, but opted today to stick with the Trek-no need in thrashing the race rig this early in the year!

Riding today made me realize how fit I was last year. The same trails I rode today that made my legs scream were a breeze to ride at the end of the fall. I've got some work to do, and it starts this weekend with a nice long day on the mtb Saturday. I honestly CAN'T WAIT to get on the mtb for a LONG time this's been too long!

No pics of vids for today, sorry. My camera's battery died 15 minutes into my ride! Guess I've been using it too much:)

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