Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More Dirt

Intensity...the name of the game!:)
Just wanted to get a shot of my fork and tire.
Ahh, another great day on the bike. I've been really happy to have the great mild weather we've had the past few weeks. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it has a SUPER impact on my motivation level and training quality. I'm certainly one to go out into the elements and get work done, but my best quality comes from weather that's not impeeding me-i.e. snow and ice! I don't mind the rain, and most often the cold is managable. I even like hot and humid conditions and seem to do well in them, but snow and ice is like kryptonite to me. Just sucks the life out of me.
Today was another couple hours on the bike. The nature of the trails here makes it impossible to do a wholly aerobic ride, but I tried to keep things as close to aerobic as possible. It' easy to get carried away though, so the need for discipline is huge. My Garmin 305 is missing, and I don't have a HR monitor to wear, so I've been going on feel and I think I'm doing an O.K. job as I'm not too wasted after yesterday and today's efforts. I guess the rest of the week will be the real judge of how well I paced things the last couple days.

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