Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tha Happs...

Not a whole lot to blog about lately. Just the same old grind. Trianing is going great, but I'm starting to get that "tired all the time" feel, so maybe it's time to take an extra day to rest. The last three weeks have been very strong, so a well needed rest might be just what the doc ordered.

I got out on the mountain bike yesterday, after a GREAT ride on Friday in 70+ degrees, and bonked the hell out of myself. It was only a short ride, but one of those where you forget to eat, forget to drink, and generally just wind up feeling like hell near the end. I got that "numb" feelig all over my body, and it was like I was riding on air. I never saw the spots, but damn if I couldn't wait to get off the bike.

Today is another ride, though I think I'm going to shorten it by a bit. My legs feel really heavy, and the last couple nights sleep hasn't been all that great. I'm getting the kind of tired that even coffee doesn't help with....


  1. Yeah, I was so there last week. I took my recovery week seriously and did next to nothing this week. It was hard but has paid off.

    Good luck. Feel better soon.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, it's that double edged sword we all play with-you wanna train, but your body just needs to play catchup. Congrats on your race by the way!