Sunday, March 27, 2011

That Hurt...

"I've seen enough to know I've seen too much" -anouncer from A League of Their Own "Oh, Doctor!" -same anouncer... Rode the mtb long yesterday, about 5 hours worth. I was only suppossed to do 3 hours, but I'm really itching to ride, ride, ride, so I did. I finished with over 7000ft of climbing and close to 4k cals burned. Not to mention beaten and scarred...ok, well not scarred, but it sounds cool:). Started the ride with a few guys from the local mountain bike club. There was suppossed to be a much bigger ride getting together yesterday, but temps in the 20'sF scared off a few peole I guess. Anyway, we got started with about 5 guys which somehow managed to drop one and pic up another woman riding on the trail. Not sure how it happened, but when I looked back, the last guy in line had suddenly grown long hair and had on a pink jacket...hmmm. The pace was a little slower than I'd normally go for a long ride, but it was nice to have some company and get a few good laughs out there on the trails. After we were finished with one 13 mile loop of the trail system, we parted ways and I went back in for a few more. Good fun! By the end of the ride I was just about spent. The East Setauket trails are some of the best around, but with their fair share of short, punchy, steep climbs, they take their toll on you over the hours. They're also littered with a couple small rock sections, and plenty of exposed roots to sap your energy. There was also quite a bit of mud at the start of the ride, but near the trails firmed up nicely and were just the right amount of tackiness to make things faster. All in all it was a great day and painfully fun. I was so tired by the end of the ride I didn't even wanna take my bike out of the back of my car. I could barely shower and I felt like I'd juts been in a fight for 5 hours. Even this morning I'm still moving slow and have legs that feel like someone beat me with a bat in my sleep. GREAT FEELING! Yeah, sick, I know:)... I'm going to do some yardwork today and get out on the road bike later this afternoon when the temps "warm up" to the high 30's.

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