Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Epic Fun

I wanted to try this angle with the Epic Cam for a while now, but kept on forgetting about it. Caution: if you're speakers are turned up, turn them down! There's a bit of cluttery noise on this one! In the future if I use this mount again, I'll have to chuck the camera up on a piece of small rubber. I think that'll absorb some of the chatter and give a more solid vid. Also, whenever I learn to edit in a soundtrack, the noise won't matter-I have a degree in FILM PRODUCTION for God's sake!

Anyway, today's ride was RAD! Yeah, I said it, RAD! We got a TON of heavy rain yesterday and trails were super grippy. A little slow in sections that were still sloppy, but great nonetheless. Today was also the first time the entire trail was ridable. I didn't have to dismount once over close to 30 miles of riding for snow or deep mud....made the lap times much much faster to say the least.

All in all it was one of those days that I could have stayed out on the bike forever. I felt like crap when I started, but after the first hour things started to come together. Love when that happens! Now it's time to eat and put the legs up... Maybe a nap?:)

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