Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Real Ride!!!! On Dirt!!!!

First of all, what the hell is that? If you look closely...it's a leg...small cat or dog methinks:).

www.vimeo.com/20531035 (Check here for the vid...stupid blogger didn't upload it even though I spent 45 minutes waiting...)

Superb day today! The trails were 98% ridable today so I just went for it. In reality, though I've done some other riding on the dirt the last couple weeks, this has been the first "real" ride where I did much more riding than hiking. The conditions were awesome, minus the fact that there was a TON of debris on the trail. At some points it looked like a tornado had blown through.

The video is kind of long. You'll have to excuse my lack of technical skills too. I'm trying to figure out how to put music to these vids. In the mean time you'll have to deal with the beautiful "sounds of nature":).

As for the camera mount today, I'm again a little disappointed. I used the helmet mount ziptied to the handle bars. It worked on the roads great, but I'm thinking it's not going to cut it for the off road stuff. The nature of riding the trails means much more handlebar movement, not to mention bike movement. As you can see it gets a little nauseating sometimes. There are good shots though, which is why I posted it, but expect them to be better in the future. For right now, I'm leaning toward riding with the camera mounted on my helmet for the most part, unless I find a cool place I want to mount the camera on the frame (i.e. chainstays and such).

Anyway, that's it for today, just a solid ride in the woods. I'd like to be disciplined and stick to my plan for the week, but I'm not so sure I can with the trails being availible again. I might have to take this week as a "reintroduction to mountain biking skills" week. Yeah, that's cool, right?

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