Sunday, April 3, 2011


So this has been a real funny week. I felt like crap in the middle because of work stuff, but still managed a couple solid training days on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then Thursday I decided to just spin easy for an hour, Friday I took off, and then hit it HARD yesterday with a nearly 4 hour ride that wasn't intended to be so, but fresh legs and a new 29er got in the way of my sane thinking. Anyway, I went hard enough yesterday to be very tired today, even after a solid 8+ hours of sleep. So what to do today? Stick to the schedule, or listen to my body. How about a bit of both. I intended on doing a road ride today, but since this week has been a little weird anyway, methinks I'll head out on the mtb again for about 90 mins easy. Interestingly (and to make things a bit of fun), I'm going to take out my carbon HT 26er today to see just how much the smaller wheels differ from the bigger ones. I spent about 6 hours on board my 29er this week, so I feel pretty comfy with the wheels and the handling. I'm so excited about the big wheels I've decided to sell one of my 26er's. Not sure which one yet, but one (or maybe both?) will be going out the door. Today's ride will give me some insight and see just if they're both worth getting rid of. Should be fun trying to find out!

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